Galleries, artists and international artist collectives will unveil their work in 9 different exhibition areas laid out in a relaxing atmosphere to create a closer relation with the visitors.

Time & Dates

Thursday 20 July
from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm

Friday 21 July
from 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm

Saturday 22 July
from 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm

Sunday 23 July
from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

3,500sqm of artworks in 9 exhibition areas

Galleries, artists and international collectives will presents theirs proposals around 9 different areas in a relaxing atmosphere creating a closer relation with the visitors.

A - Gelleries: Space for national and international galleries.

B - Collaborative Space: Gallery shared by several artists.

C - Bertako Artistak: Area for local artists.

D - Soloprojects: Area for solo artists.

E - Emerging Talents: Area for up and coming artists.

F - Inter-Sections: Area for art projects and other disciplines | Art and gastronomy Fusion | Art and architecture | Art and decoration.

G - Street Art for Kids: Making graffiti with kids.

H - Describing art: Explaining the creation process.

I - Digital-Room: Digital art galleries | Other projects.


Info for Marketing Opportunities & Exhibitors
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Why take part in the Donostiartean International Art Night Market?

  1. The city of San Sebastián is expected to receive more than 170,000 visitors during the Donostiartean International Art Night Market since it will be held concurrently with the Heineken Jazzaldia festival with its solid reputation and 50-year history.
  2. San Sebastián was the European Capital of Culture 2016 and has an important international art and culture scene that draws tourists with high spending power which boosts the presence of art collectors and investors.
  3. The Donostiartean International Art Night Market has institutional support to promote the event with tourists.
  4. The event’s activities and the atmosphere will make interaction among artists, buyers and galleries smooth and close.
  5. All the participating galleries will receive a photo reportage of their time in the fair and a final results report.
  6. We will carry out a street marketing campaign throughout the entire event to generate a buzz around the Donostiartean International Art Night Market.
  7. We will carry out a broad social network campaign to give the participating galleries and artists wide coverage in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.
  8. We will also have a media campaign with TV and press and other publicity strategies.
  9. There will be guided tours for visitors in different languages.
  10. We’ve turned the idea of traditional art fairs around bringing it closer to a new audience to make it more attractive.
  11. Visitors will be able to enjoy a unique moment amd see the latest art trends from national and international galleries while enjoying a cocktail specially-made for the event and, more importantly, to buy artworks they can enjoy in their homes.
  12. Since it’s a coastal city and next to France, San Sebastián triples its population in the summer bringing in high-earning tourists.
  13. Since San Sebastián is a favorite holiday spot for the French, there will be a specific media campaign targeting the French public.
  14. We are developing a specific campaign together with the San Sebastián tourism board to promote the event.

Number of international galleries

Donostiartean Evolution

The annual contemporary art fair Donostiartean, held in San Sebastián and going on its 4th year, has seen a strong upsurge in the number of international galleries and artists participating in this year’s fair.

Our commitment to showcasing the latest trends emerging in the world of contemporary art has led us to create a night art market: the Donostiartean International Art Night Market, with 9 different exhibition areas to give different artist collectives the chance to present their newest projects.

An art market in a renewed, fresh and friendly atmosphere topped with live music and fine cuisine.

Collaborating lodgings